Author: Judy Raymond

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Port of Spain: the story of a city | Backstory

A childhood encounter with a touring steelband began Stephen Stuempfle’s connection with Trinidad. Now the US scholar has written an illuminating history of Port of Spain in the era before Independence. As Judy Raymond learns, Stuempfle’s research has only deepened his love for T&T’s capital

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Fanny Eaton: forgotten beauty

When Fanny Eaton died in west London on March 4, 1924, her memories were already lost to senility. She had worked as a cleaner, a...

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The Merikins: heroes of the forgotten war

The company villages perch atop the ridges of low hills in southern Trinidad — too low to offer panoramic views, but high enough to keep...

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Angelo Bissessarsingh: back in times

“He got excited about the drainpipes!” said the astonished reporter. She’d been assigned to write a profile of Angelo Bissessarsingh...

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Immerse, Literature, People

Gerard Besson: “I’m such a set of loose ends”

I only became white recently, you know. I remember the day — but that’s another story. Daddy was white and blond, and looked like Bing...

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Arts, Festivals and Events

Carifesta V (1992): A Grand Family Reunion

Over the next few months, under the shadow of the hills of Trinidad’s Northern Range, an Amerindian village will rise from the...

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Word of mouth (January/February 2015)

The beauty of the battle Attillah Springer on the traditions and power of stickfighting, Trinidad’s homegrown martial art Forget the big...

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Picking the Big Apple

No cheese? You gotta have cheese, baby!” yelled the man behind the counter at La Bagel Delight. He was yelling, in a not unfriendly way,...

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