Author: Desiree Seebaran

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Lost in translation

I thought steeping myself in dancehall hits since high school would have better prepared me for studying in Jamaica. I used to chant over...

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Woman Power: Jamaica’s Etana

In Jamaica’s crowded musical landscape, Etana has stood out from the moment she first stepped on a stage. It’s not just her flawless...

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Oonya Kempadoo: “I keep writing even when I’m trying not to”

Growing up in Guyana, I did live in a village like the one my first novel Buxton Spice is set in, and the political background was a huge...

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Caribbean Playlist (March/April 2013)

Hope, by Sheldon Blackman and the Soul Rebels (Urban Sound Studios) Since his migration to Norway in 2008, Sheldon Blackman has been back...

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Hot Shots: Barbados’ Cover Drive

Take four Bajan teenagers, stir in pop music, instruments, and a dose of island energy, and you’d be lucky to come up with the compelling...

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Monitoring the mas

Peering at grainy images of Trinidad & Tobago mas bands on your computer is one way to ignore the fact that you’re shivering through...

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Off the beaten track in Tobago

One of the clichés of the Caribbean goes like this: cool refreshing drink in hand, you sit beachside, contemplating the waves and the...

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Culture, Travel, Lifestyle, Guyana

Guyana’s River Road

The Essequibo intimidates most visitors to Guyana. It fascinated me when I first saw it at 12, clutching my Guyanese mother’s hand. The...

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