Issue 118 (November/December 2012)

EMBARK: Events around the Caribbean in November and December • Join the illuminated street processions of Guyana Diwali, experience the work of Frank Bowling at Tate Britain, and dance to the rhythms of Jamaica Jonkonnu • Desiree Seebaran meets Cover Drive, the Barbadian “Cari-pop” quartet • Design duo simonpeter take a cue from the colours of Barbados • Bookshelf • Playlist • Screenshots • Christmas lunch for guests who don’t eat meat? Relax, Franka Philip has some sensible suggestions  IMMERSE: Meet seven rising talents in Barbados’s contemporary art scene, profiled by Natalie McGuire, with portraits by Mark King • Guyanese artist and archaeologist George Simon’s recent find in the Berbice Mounds may rewrite the history of the Western Hemisphere, Roxana Kawall explains • Katherine Atkinson finds out how debut filmmaker Davina Lee’s artistic vision was shaped by growing up in a creative household in St Lucia • Musician Christopher Castagne on the roots of parang, Trinidad’s traditional Christmas music, and how the sound is also a way of life — as told to Tracy AssingGarry Steckles takes stock after a star-studded season of reggae performances in London  |  ARRIVE: Residents of tiny Petite Martinique in the Grenadine chain are like one big extended family, says Antonia MacDonald • Bahamian filmmaker Kareem Mortimer’s tips on the best spots for a cocktail in Nassau, plus lots more advice on enjoying his hometown — as told to Sonia Farmer • For over a century, Hosay has been commemorated in the Port of Spain neighbourhood of St James, where Anu Lakhan grew up. For her, Hosay means the emotions of tassa  |  ENGAGE: The Wadadli Pen writing competition, founded by Joanne Hillhouse, offers tangible support to the next generation of Antiguan writers, writes Lisa Allen-Agostini • With Jamaica’s main fishing grounds under increasing pressure, the Nature Conservancy is changing the way fishermen think about sea resources, reports Odette Dixon • Internet memes offer idle entertainment, but Janine Mendes-Franco suggests they can also give serious social commentary • Sixty years after the publication of The Old Man and the Sea, Ernest Hemingway’s novel still tells the story of his love affair with his adopted home, writes James Ferguson • Bahamians end the year with a rush — a Junkanoo rush

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