Contributor: Desiree Seebaran

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Illustration by Darren Cheewah

Lost in translation

Issue 98 (July/August 2009) | 0 comments
Overseas visitors often assume there’s only one West Indian dialect. But native daughter Desiree McEachrane knows better…fi true!

Etana. Photograph by Marvin Bartley

Woman Power: Jamaica’s Etana

Issue 121 (May/June 2013) | 0 comments
Etana, a Jamaican singer with a message

Photograph by Greg Bal

Oonya Kempadoo: “I keep writing even when I’m trying not to”

Issue 121 (May/June 2013) | 0 comments
Guyanese writer Oonya Kempadoo on the long gestation of her third novel, and her passion for social development work


Caribbean Playlist (March/April 2013)

Issue 120 (March/April 2013) | 0 comments
Recent music releases to get your fingers tapping

From left to right: Jamar, Barry, Amanda and T-Ray. Photograph courtesy Cover Drive

Hot Shots: Barbados’ Cover Drive

Issue 118 (November/December 2012) | 0 comments
Desiree Seebaran meets Cover Drive, the Barbadian “Cari-pop” quartet

3Canal’s performance is streamed live on Carnival TV. Photograph courtesy Carnival TV

Monitoring the mas

Issue 113 (January/February 2012) | 0 comments
Anywhere in the world, you can now watch T&T Carnival online. Desiree Seebaran on a pioneering project

Englishman's Bay. Photograph by Desiree Seebaran

Off the beaten track in Tobago

Issue 109 (May/June 2011) | 0 comments
History, hiking, ecotourism…and of course beaches. Desiree Seebaran discovers the unexplored side of the island

The Pomeroon River, a tributary of the Essequibo. Photograph by Desiree McEachrane

Guyana’s River Road

Issue 103 (May/June 2010) | 0 comments
The mighty Essequibo is one of the biggest rivers in South America. Desiree McEachrane took the plunge