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Bookshelf (Mar/Apr 2018) | Book reviews

This month’s reading picks, with reviews of The Tower of the Antilles; The Dear Remote Nearness of You; Kingston Buttercup; Writing on Water; Pocomania and London Calling

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The beating heart of Suriname

On the bank of a slow sliding brown river, Javanese gamelan musicians play the halting melody of the Jarakapang, or Horse Spirit Dance....

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A slave speaks

This is a book with unlikely origins. Its story begins in a Cuban nursing home in the early 1960s, only a few years after Fidel Castro has...

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The hidden valley — Jamaica’s Maroon country

For a country imbued with so rich and varied a natural heritage, it seems surprising that Jamaica’s first National Park was...

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Datebook | Caribbean Events Calendar (September/October 2017)

Don’t miss . . . Diwali 19 October Guyana Tiny deyas twinkle in the night. Their small rays bring hope and positivity, as Mother Lakshmi,...

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Datebook | Caribbean Events Calendar (May/June 2017)

Don’t miss . . . Fiesta de San Juan 24 to 27 June Trinidad, Cuba Caribbean festivals usually mean love, partying, and a salutation to...

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Suriname: one country, four continents

It’s the kind of clichéd joke travel writers sometimes make, when they want to emphasise the obscurity of a place. Country X was so...

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Caribbean Datebook (March/April 2016)

Don’t miss . . . Rally Trinidad 25 to 27 March • venues around Trinidad For auto-lovers and thrillseekers alike from across the...

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