Issue 46 (November/December 2000)

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Ronald Moody. Photograph by David Sharkey

Ronald Moody: a way of life

Like the sons of most middle-class West Indians, Ronald Moody was expected to become a professional. Reluctantly, he trained as a dentist, but a chance turn in the British Museum changed his life forever. His niece Cynthia Moody profiles one of the Caribbean's premier sculptors
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Gros and Petit Pitons. Photograph by Chris Huxley

In love with St Lucia

There's no lack of adventure in St Lucia. Donna Yawching went on a wild safari ride, in a vehicle that seemed to be driving on its side; joined a lazy sail on a party boat; and plunged into a hot sulphur bath. And that was just the beginning. Come join the trip
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