Author: Nicholas Laughlin

Literature, Reviews

Caribbean Bookshelf (January/February 2002)

PICK OF THE MONTH Peacocks Dancing  Sharon Maas (HarperCollins 2001, 485pp, ISBN 0-00-711737-X) Rita Maraj, our heroine, lives in a...

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Arrive, Culture, Travel, Lifestyle, United Kingdom

Beyond the beyond: the Shetland Islands

At the gate to the path leading up to Hermaness, there was a helpful sign explaining how to fend off a skua attack. The massive seabirds...

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Embark, Literature, Arts, Barbados, Jamaica

Word of mouth (November/December 2014)

King James version Nicholas Laughlin explains why a new novel by Jamaican writer Marlon James just might be the Caribbean book of the year...

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Arrive, Culture, Travel, Lifestyle

Finding the centre in Mexico City

The huge slab of grey basalt sits on a narrow ledge that hardly seems able to support twenty-four tons of rock. On the face of the stone is...

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Culture, Literature, Arts, French Caribbean

The man with the butterfly tattoo

We chose a blustery morning to cross to the Îles du Salut. The Kourou River was choppy grey as the catamaran eased from the jetty and...

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Culture, People, Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago

Ian McDonald: evening in the garden

Sitting in his Georgetown garden in the early evening, with little frogs singing from the shrubbery, Ian McDonald chuckles over stories of...

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Culture, History, Dutch Caribbean

Maria Merian: the Caterpillar lover

In September 1699, after a two-month Atlantic crossing, a Dutch ship approached the north-eastern shoulder of South America. Skirting the...

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Culture, Travel, Lifestyle, Spanish Caribbean

San Andres: native island

The sky was flushed sunset-pink as we cruised down the hotel strip. Here, at the northern tip of San Andrés, gleaming multi-storey hotels...

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