Issue 96 (March/April 2009)


Gail Alexander reports on how Trinidad and Tobago’s capital is preparing for the next Summit of the Americas and a very special guest, US President Barack Obama • Tobago is showing hotel owners ways to cut costs – while keeping their island clean and conserving resources. James Fuller learned how from the island’s Travel FoundationOften thought of as stodgy and dull, the humble breadfruit has an exciting history that’s part of one of the most famous seafaring stories in the world. Jonathan Ali visited its adopted homeland of St Vincent, where it’s been cherished since 1787 • This young jazz trumpeter, based in Toronto, leads no fewer than seven bands, and can switch styles as easily as he changes his socks. Donna Yawching caught up with this musical whirlwind • Poet and novelist Ian McDonald shares his memories of a rich and happy life with Nicholas Laughlin • A brush with death showed guitarist Theron Shaw what was really important in life. In his latest recordings and performances, he’s focused on reinterpreting Caribbean classics. Vaneisa Baksh listened to the man and his music • The half-century career of Byron Lee, Jamaican bandleader and businessman, stretched the length of the region and covered many genres of its music too. David Katz sums up the life of a legend • When Caribbean Beat went to press, the West Indies were celebrating a stunning first-Test victory in Jamaica over the touring English team. Nasser Khan profiles the controversial captain who leads the winning side • and much more!

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