Author: Garry Steckles

Culture, Music, Arts, History, United Kingdom, Caribbean Diaspora

The triumph of calypso cricket

The clue comes in the sixth line of the famous calypso’s fifth and final verse. The song we’re talking about is “Victory Test...

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Culture, Music, Arts, Caribbean Diaspora

Where is the world?

As I’ve written in this space on more than one occasion, there are few things I like more than a good music festival. And I caught up...

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Culture, Music, Arts

Word sound and power

It’s not often the government of a Caribbean island does something that the rest of the world can learn from. But I’m hoping the...

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Culture, People, Jamaica

Elian Attias: the man who fills Bob Marley’s shoes

The last time I’d seen the Wailers Band playing live had been in 1995, and it was at the unofficial world headquarters of reggae, 56 Hope...

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Culture, Music, People, Jamaica

Exit the dragon: remembering Byron Lee

When I first heard that Byron Lee had left us, the memories came flooding back. And while I was deeply saddened by the passing of a man...

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Culture, Music, People, St. Kitts and Nevis

Konris Maynard: King of St Kitts

Apologies in advance to Trinidadian readers for what I’m about to write—and please accept my assurances that there’s nothing personal...

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Culture, Film and Television, Arts, Trinidad and Tobago

Calypso dreams come true

It’s been almost three years since I wrote in this space about a wonderful new film that I predicted would have the same sort of global...

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Culture, Music, Arts, Jamaica

Reggae riches in the Roger Steffens’ bargain basement

Yes, folks, Roger Steffens’ reggae archives are for sale. Steffens, an actor, broadcaster, author, journalist, musicologist, Vietnam vet,...

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