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Meet the next generation of Caribbean music stars

If we’re to believe the cynics, pop music — for want of a better expression — is going through the cultural equivalent of the Dark...

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Riddem & Rhyme: Bob’s collection goes home

The world’s most famous collection of reggae music and memorabilia, and the man who has devoted most of his adult life to accumulating...

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St Kitts & Nevis: five centuries in two days

There are a couple of things you should know about St Kitts and Nevis before we embark on a history-steeped tour of the twin-island Eastern...

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Forever young: “Glamour Boyz Again”

Geoffrey Dunn makes no bones about it. He was on tenterhooks. His latest film, The Glamour Boyz Again: The Mighty Sparrow and Lord Superior...

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Take twenty: cricket, that is

Twenty20 cricket, which has been around for only eleven years, has already established itself as the most popular form of the venerable...

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Nothing’s taboo for Tanya Stephens

Every few years, someone comes along on the music scene whom I can’t get enough of. The Beatles, Bob Dylan and Aretha; Bob Marley,...

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Feel all right: the positive power of reggae

A trio of not-quite-unrelated anecdotes about one of my favourite topics: reggae music. It’s no secret that reggae, while still hugely...

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Bob Marley: Eating the Bread of Sorrow

The last time I had the chance to see Bob Marley live was 30 years ago. And – I’ve never stopped kicking myself for this – I blew it....

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