Issue 99 (September/October 2009)

Suriname’s vast, virgin rainforests are being carefully preserved. But a few hardy visitors venture into the heart of this wilderness. Andy Isaacson was one • Cars are banned, there’s a butterfly reserve in it – but this east Trinidad project is also on the cutting edge of science, technology and green building design. Sandra Chouthi walks you through it • Working behind the scenes, a little-known Trinidad-based environmental group has won a prestigious MacArthur award for its conservation efforts. James Fuller shines a spotlight on Canari • John Paul Jones was a pirate and a murderer – who became a hero of the American Revolution. Debbie Jacob dug up the story of how his fortunes changed at his darkest hour • At home with his parents in Guyana, he’s just Ronnie. But put him on a cricket pitch and Ramnaresh Sarwan is a star. Nasser Khan profiles this stalwart of the West Indies team • Though musical trio CaRiMi have made it big in the US, their music still captures the struggles of their homeland. Judy Fitzpatrick talked to band member Mickael Guirand about their past and future in Haiti • The problem: a bag that can hold all your stuff – but so that you can still find it. The answer? It’s in the Antrobus bag, Laura Dowrich-Phillips reveals • Caribbean musicians are honoured in an annual ceremony that brings a ray of light into a New York autumn. Mirissa De Four marks two decades of the Sunshine Awards • and much more!

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