Issue 97 (May/June 2009)

This is a real Amerindian village, not a quaint replica for the benefit of tourists. Paul Crask visits the place where Dominica’s past meets the present • Like the rest of the world, Antigua has succumbed to Obamamania. Joanne C Hillhouse reports on the debate over the island’s proposed tribute to the ground-breaking US president • Based at St George’s University in Grenada, the Windref Foundation is pioneering research into endemic tropical disease • Bird life in the Caribbean seems to be flourishing, but some species are threatened. James Fuller goes birdwatching in search of them • When cricketer and politician Learie Constantine was ennobled, he was claimed by his hometowns in Trinidad – and Lancashire. Peter Mason tells how his lordship endeared himself to 1930s England • She lived fast and died young, but not before winning record numbers of world boxing titles. Laura Dowrich-Phillips remembers the short, triumphant life of Jizelle Salandy • Musician Wyclef Jean says he’ll never forget his Caribbean roots. Judy Fitzpatrick caught up with him when he came to perform in St Maarten • Keith Smith pays tribute to the Mighty Duke, the veteran calypsonian who died this year • Sarah Beckett has been a painter since coming to Trinidad in the 1960s, but her work also incorporates music, poetry and film. She tells Sharon Millar how the country nurtures her creativity • and much more!

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