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The UWI’s “Revenue Revolution” | The deal

Vice-Chancellor Sir Hilary Beckles believes private sector partnerships will guarantee future success for the university and the region. Natalie Dookie learns more

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Sir Hilary Beckles: “I’m aware of how fragile the Caribbean is” | Own words

Sir Hilary Beckles, Barbadian historian, cricket enthusiast, and UWI vice chancellor, on his intellectual formation, the role of a Caribbean university, and the moral imperative of slavery reparations — as told to Shelly-Ann Inniss

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Saved by microbes | Discover

Trinidadian microbiologist Adesh Ramsubhag is a pioneer in researching potentially revolutionary uses of the Caribbean’s native microorganisms, writes Raymond Ramcharitar

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Bookshelf (July/August 2001)

PICK OF THE MONTH Derek Walcott: A Caribbean Life Bruce King (Oxford University Press 2000, 714 pp, ISBN 0-19-871131-x) Derek Walcott...

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Spirit of the Americas

In a cramped room at the St Augustine campus of the University of the West Indies in Trinidad, amid a clutter of biological specimens, a...

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Art in the open | Round trip

Year-round, across the Caribbean, you can experience art in the street, in public spaces, out in the open — no need to buy a museum ticket. Here are murals, monuments, and even an impromptu art gallery in Port-au-Prince

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Arif Bulkan: standing up for rights | Inspire

In a recent book, the US anthropologist David McDermott Hughes accused Trinidadians and Tobagonians of having a blind spot for the defining...

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