Issue 86 (July/August 2007)

Lisa Allen-Agostini goes in search of how Trinidadians preserve their world-renowned Carnival; Caroline Taylor gets close to Ella Andall, a singer with a distinct voice and the power to make the spirits sit up and listen; James Fuller treks to the heart of Suriname, and finally understands how rainforests got their name; Bermudan singer Collie Budz is the latest reggae sensation burning up the airwaves; Harewood House, a Leeds estate built from the sweat of slaves, is the venue for a re-staging of Geraldine Connor’s Carnival Messiah; The Mighty Terror, hailed for his golden voice, is remembered for his contribution to calypso; Musician Russell “Russ” Henderson talks to Kim Johnson about his career in the early days of London’s Notting Hill Carnival; our Island Hopper Calendar, Bookshelf, Music roundup, Eco Buzz and so much more!

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