Author: Sandra Chouthi

Culture, Business, Trinidad and Tobago

A stroll in the InTech park

A deserted World War II airfield in east Trinidad is going to become a park. It will be home to dozens of species of butterflies, and no...

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Culture, Business

Sunny business: Trinidad business hotels

A business visitor to Trinidad who didn’t have a hotel booking enquired at three hotels before he found one he liked. Internet access was...

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Culture, Fashion and Jewellery, Lifestyle, Trinidad and Tobago

Pawi, Please!

For many years, Leo Marin hunted the forest-bound pawi (Pipile pipile). This pastime ceased, however, when 66-year-old Marin realised the...

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Culture, History, Lifestyle, Trinidad and Tobago

Christo Adonis: 21st Century Carib

The forest-hardened arms of this man gently cradle the head of his granddaughter as they swing in a hammock under an open shed. Kada is two...

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