Author: Debbie Jacob

Festivals and Events, Trinidad and Tobago

Here Comes the Big One

MASQUERADE BANDS The masquerade bands move through the streets on Carnival Monday and Tuesday: up to 3,000 strong, portraying a single...

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Reviews, Music, People

Upbeat (May/June 2000)

PICK OF THE MONTH 2000 Young to Soca Machel Montano (JW Productions, JW 198 CD) Trinidad and Tobago’s Prince of Soca announces...

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Culture, Business, Science, Barbados

The Barbados Fertility Clinic: a vacation that really delivers

Drive past the popular swimming spot of Accra Beach, with its colourful souvenir shops selling local leathercraft and woodcarvings, and...

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Music, Culture, Trinidad and Tobago

What calypso means to the Caribbean

It was 1945, and the Andrews Sisters had rocketed their way to the number one spot on the Billboard charts in the US, where they remained...

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Culture, History, People, Trinidad and Tobago

John Paul Jones: turning point in Tobago

He was a Casanova with sea legs, and he charmed politicians and ladies from Europe to the Caribbean. In the Age of Sail, when one man’s...

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Culture, People, Caribbean Diaspora

Ray Funk: bringing the culture home

I never wanted to be an attorney when I was growing up. I wanted to teach English, at either the high school or university level. After...

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Culture, Music, People, Jamaica

Cedella Booker: mother of a legend

There is no doubt that Bob Marley got a good part of his charisma from his late mother, Cedella Booker. Bubbly, outspoken, but always...

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Culture, Music, Arts

Is calypso dying?

Once upon a time, calypso tents were considered the temples of Trinidad music. A major highlight of Carnival was a trip to a tent to hear...

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