Author: Attillah Springer

Embark, Festivals and Events

Word of mouth (January/February 2015)

The beauty of the battle Attillah Springer on the traditions and power of stickfighting, Trinidad’s homegrown martial art Forget the big...

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Culture, Fashion and Jewellery, Arts, Trinidad and Tobago

Lesley Ann Noel: keeping it chic

If design is vision, then Lesley Ann Noel is emerging as one of Trinidad’s top young visionaries. After seven years in Brazil, Noel...

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Culture, Lifestyle, Trinidad and Tobago

Bishop’s girls don’t cry | Last word

At the end of the love affair, I did what was expected of me. I made a misery playlist for my iPod, and ate appropriately obscene amounts...

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Culture, Festivals and Events, Trinidad and Tobago

Carifesta IX: celebrating ourselves

“You going Carifesta?” Not to be left out of the excitement, the corn soup vendor on Independence Square is getting into the spirit of...

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Culture, Arts, People, Trinidad and Tobago

Masman: Peter Minshall

It is the last Sunday in January, less than a month before Carnival 2006. At the headquarters of the Callaloo Company — in a World War...

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Engage, Culture, Food and Cuisine, Caribbean Diaspora

Have her cake and eat it | Classic | Last word

Everybody thinks their grandmother makes the best black cake. They are wrong, since I can say with all surety that my grandmother made the...

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Culture, Lifestyle, Trinidad and Tobago

Meggie 101 | Classic | Last Word

My name is Attillah, I’m 26, and I love to give meggies. Don’t look surprised. I’m not the only one. Meggie-mania is alive and well...

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Arrive, Culture, Travel, Lifestyle

Azonto Lessons

This is my first time! In Africa! I exclaim this first to the immigration officer. And thereafter to anyone else who comes too close. My...

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