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History in the remaking

Clayton Perkins first came here for family holidays while still a schoolboy in neighbouring Montserrat. Now he moves nimbly, directing...

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A taste of brown sugar: Judith Rawlins

Of the overseas designers who participated in the 2009 Fashion Week Trinidad & Tobago, Brown Sugar stood out, with its clean, simple,...

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Nothing so sweet as Nevis String Band

Every Caribbean island has its own signature soundtrack, a distinctive distillation and evocation of its native spirit. So a few bars of...

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Carnival at Christmas in St. Kitts

For many visitors carnival is synonymous with the Caribbean, and while Trinidad, to the south, may lay claim to the mother of all...

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Caryl Phillips: Playing Away

“Yes, there are meant to be two-line breaks between the paragraphs here.” “OK, Ismael, we’ll discuss that next time.” “Well, if...

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Franny Nisbet: Lord Nelson’s West Indian Widow

All the world loves a lover. The love between Lord Horatio Nelson and Lady Emma Hamilton has passed into the realm of mythology. But what...

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