Issue 110 (July/August 2011)

Polly Thomas is captivated by the steep streets of the capital, St George’s, the white-sand beaches, and the spectacular beauty of the interior • Nazma Muller interprets the message behind the medium of T&T artist Wendell McShine, who’s making a name for himself in Mexico • Paul Crask has a whale of a time off the coast of Dominica • Pierson Hill shares his photos of some of Trinidad’s rarest and most fascinating creatures • Caroline Taylor charts one group’s efforts to protect these majestic, endangered creatures • “Finally, someone with a PhD who speaks a language that de man pon de street can understand.” Nazma Muller loved Sonjah Stanley Niaah’s new book • Garry Steckles salutes T&T Calypso Monarch 2011, Karene Asche, and reflects on a British queen with a secret love of the region’s music and much more…

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