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Jaramogi shows off her garden. Photograph by Nazma Muller

Akilah Jaramogi: green days by the river

Akilah Jaramogi began by fighting bush fires. Now she’s at the centre of an ecological movement. She talked to Nazma Muller.

Philomé Obin in his studio in 1983. Photo used under Creative Commons License from

Haitian art: rising from the ruins

Priceless works of art were among the casualties of last year’s terrible earthquake in Haiti. But there’s hope that at least one can be restored.

Karene Asche. Photograph courtesy Trinidad Express

Karene Asche: “My heart is in calypso”

Garry Steckles salutes T&T Calypso Monarch 2011, Karene Asche, and reflects on a British queen with a secret love of the region’s music.

Colette Burnett. Photograph courtesy Colette Burnett/Super Wings

Colette Burnett: I believe I can fly

Colette Burnett’s tasty chicken wings are the best in Brooklyn. Franka Philip finds out what the flap is about .

The Marionettes performing Aida at Queen's Hall in Trinidad. Photograph courtesy Russel 'Butch' Limchoy

Happenings – July/August 2011

A round-up of current and coming events on the Caribbean calendar.

Poster. Photograph by Laura Ferreira

Reviews – July/August 2011

The new books, music, and film that are reflecting the region right now.

Robber talk and revolution: Earl Lovelace’s Is Just a Movie

Robber talk and revolution: Earl Lovelace’s Is Just a Movie

Trinidadian writer Monique Roffey on Earl Lovelace’s first novel in 15 years: Is Just a Movie .

Book cover

Sonjah Stanley Niaah’s Dancehall Chronicles

Finally, someone with a PhD who speaks a language that de man pon de street can understand.” Nazma Muller loved Sonjah Stanley Niaah’s new book.

Annette Arjoon at the mangrove nursery. Photograph by Ian Brierly

Annette Arjoon-Martins: “The grassroots people are the real heroes”

Annette Arjoon-Martins heads Guyana’s Mangrove Restoration Project.

Dreamweaver. Courtesy Wendell McShine

Wendell McShine: a shaman called Shine

Nazma Muller interprets the message behind the medium of T&T artist Wendell McShine, who’s making a name for himself in Mexico.