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Byron Lee: Soca Dragon

Jamaican bandleader Byron Lee has had an enormous influence on Jamaica's music - not least by becoming a missionary for Trinidad soca and Carnival..

Wanted: Caribbean Film Investors with Imagination

Most film-makers still think of the Caribbean as a setting rather than a subject, and the region's own directors and producers remain obscure.

Winston Nanan and the Caroni Swamp

If Trinidad's Caroni Swamp is famous for its spectacular flocks of Scarlet Ibis; Winston Nanan is its champion.

Island Beat (January/February 1998)

Chronicling life round the islands. .

Upbeat (January/February 1998)

New Caribbean Music.

Caribbean Bookshelf (January/February 1998)

Caribbean Bookshelf (January/February 1998)

New and recent books about the Caribbean .


The Caribbean online. .

Letter from London

Sue Limb on the London spring..

Toussaint Triumph

That the Black Jacobins, one of the greatest of Caribbean histories, was ever published is thanks, in part at least, to one Henry Spencer.

Rosa’s Story

A story from Judith Laird at Mariposa: Through The Eyes Of Women.