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Caribbean Bookshelf (January/ February 1996)

Some new and recent books about the Caribbean.

Ato Boldon in action at the World Junior Games in Seoul in 1992, where he won both 100 and 200 metres. Photograph by Gary M. Prior/ Allsport

Boldon the Beautiful? Trinidad sprinter Ato Boldon

Denise Healy profiles a young Caribbean track star who has a good chance of a 100 meters medal at this year's Olympics.

Masqueraders from Peter Minshall's controversial 1995 band Hallelujah in downtown Port of Spain. Photograph by Bertrand de Peaza

Trinidad Carnival Preview

In two articles, artist and musician Pat Bishop explains the real significance of Trinidad and Tobago's Carnival and the music of the steel pan.

Peter Rousseau. Photograph by Ciboney

The Peter Rousseau Factor

What really makes a successful businessman? Franklin McKnight profiles one of Jamaica's leading hoteliers.

Photograph courtesy Trinidad Express

Indigo: Marina Warner

Judy Raymond on English writer Marina Warner's rediscovery of the Caribbean.

Frank Taylor: Mummy, one of the eggs drop an' brek (1985, Barbados Gallery of Art). Photograph courtesy Norma Talma

Island Beat (January/February 1996)

Events people in the news around the islands .

Upbeat (November/December 1996)

Upbeat (November/December 1996)

The latest in Caribbean music .

Hunting for Fidel

Journalist Nazma Muller was sent to track down Fidel Castro and nearly ended up in jail .