Gustavia, St Barthélemy | Neighbourhood Photo by cdwheatley/
Escape to Tobago | Destination Shoreline canter on horseback. Photo by
Walk tall, moko jumbie | Closeup Moko jumbies from the Touch D Sky group join the Canboulay Riots 
re-enactment at Piccadilly Greens on the Friday before Carnival. Photo by Maria Nunes
Word of mouth (January/February 2018) Desperadoes, 2016 Panorama champions, rehearsing for the finals. Photo by Maria Nunes
Arrive 1. Paintings by Baptiste Jonas on display in Port-au-Prince. Photo by Hemis / Alamy Stock Photo

Art in the open | Round trip

Year-round, across the Caribbean, you can experience art in the street, in public spaces, out in the open — no need to buy a museum ticket. Here are murals, monuments, and even an impromptu art gallery in Port-au-Prince.
Immerse Tobago-born actor Winston Duke. Photo by Kwaku Alston

Winston Duke: “I’m unfinished” | Own words

Tobago-born actor Winston Duke, appearing in the eagerly awaited Black Panther movie, on his love of stories and magical realism, how his village childhood shaped his ethos, and his love of soca music — as told to Caroline Taylor.
Engage Dominica’s Trafalgar Falls, a popular attraction for visitors, before Hurricane Maria. Photo by Paul Crask

What follows the storm in Dominica | Green

In September 2017, Hurricane Maria devastated Dominica’s houses, businesses, and infrastructure. But the storm also took a toll on the Nature Isle’s forests and wildlife — a major blow for an economy that depends on eco-tourism. Paul Crask reports.

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Bookshelf (January/February 2018) | Book Reviews

This month’s reading picks in our books column.

Akino Lindsay: superhero moves | The game

Inspired since childhood by the Power Rangers TV show, Jamaican taekwondo champ Akino Lindsay uses martial arts to change his life and inspire other young people in Kingston’s toughest communities, writes Kellie Magnus.

Datebook | Caribbean Events Calendar (January/February 2018)

Events around the Caribbean in January and February, from Bahamas Junkanoo to Guyana’s Mashramani to Carnival celebrations up and down the islands, plus St Lucia’s Nobel Laureates Festival, a marathon in Haiti, and the world-famous Havana Book Fair.

How to win the road (march) | Backstory

T&T’s Carnival is full of rivalries and competitions, and none is more fierce than the annual Road March battle. Mark Lyndersay traces the history of the musical title that reflects the will of masqueraders on the street — and we dare to share our picks for the top ten Road March songs from the 1930s to the present day.

Road March Poll

Vote for your favourite Trinidad & Tobago Road March tune of all time in our mega-poll.

Union Island bounty | Parting Shot

On Union Island, colourful produce makes a still life of a vendor‘s stall.

Playlist (January/February 2018) | Music Reviews

This month’s listening picks.

Sombrero Island — a distant light | On this day

A small speck of land at the northern end of the Leewards, Sombrero Island is known to few — but has a surprisngly colourful history. James Ferguson tells tales of shipwrecks, guano mines, and the 150-year-old lighthouse that saved countless sailors’ lives in the dangerous Anegada Passage.

Johanan Dujon — seaweed for sale | The deal

For St Lucian Johanan Dujon, sargassum-covered beaches are’t just a problem — they’re an opportunity. As Erline Andrews learns, Dujon has his eye on a regional market for his Algas Organics line of fertilisers.

Tracing Circles and Circuits | Panorama

A new exhibition spread across two museums in Los Angeles uses artworks and archival materials to show how different generations of Chinese Caribbean artists deal with issues of migration, diaspora, and cultural identity. Curator Alexandra Chang explains.