Issue 56 (July/August 2002)

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Fr Gerry Pantin with Sr Ruth Montrichard. Photograph by Roberta Pankin, courtesy SERVOL

SERVOL: A miracle a day

During the 1970 upheaval in Trinidad, a Catholic priest and a West Indian cricketer ventured into dangerous territory to try to understand the source of frustration amoung urban youth. The organisation that eventually grew out of those trips has changed countless lives and won widespread acclaim. Donna Yawching explains
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Pan-Africanist leader Marcus Garvey. Photograph courtesy the National Library of Jamaica

Caribbean voices, Caribbean thinkers

"Nothing was created in the West Indies", V.S. Naipaul famously wrote. Yet many of the earliest writers and thinkers in the Americas were Caribbean men and women, creating histories, novels, essays, poems, autobiography, newspapers, new political thought. Tony Martin puts the case for the defence
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Redcliffe Quay. Photograph by Allan Aflak

My blue Heaven: Antigua & Barbuda

It’s the colour of the water that hits you first as the plane prepares for landing: turquoise and aquamarine and ultramarine and lapis and just about any lovely shade of blue you can imagine. You pinch yourself. Blink. And wonder: could that sand really be so white? Welcome to Antigua. Lisa Allen-Agostini succumbs to the charms of one of the Caribbean’s premier vacation spots
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Caribbean Datebook (July/August 2002)

JULY National Dance Theatre Company’s Season of Dance, Jamaica (July–August) Jamaica’s internationally celebrated dance company at Little Theatre, Kingston. The Little Theatre:  (876) 926-6129   Grenada Summer Regatta La Source Yacht Race, Grenada (4th–7th) One of the season’s premier events. Grenada Board of Tourism: (473) 440-2001   Sir Garfield Sobers Schools Cricket Tournament, Barbados (8th–30th)  …

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Arya Dewarker Hindu Temple, Paramaribo. Photograph by Mark Meredith

Welcome to Suriname

BWIA’s newest destination is a crossroads for a staggering array of cultures, including African, Dutch, Amerindian, Indonesian and Indian, and an eco-traveller’s delight. Simon Lee provides the introductions
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