Author: Robert Edison Sandiford

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AnimeKon: welcome to the multiverse | Word of mouth

Robert Edison Sandiford visits Barbados’s annual AnimeKon and finds everything from cosplay to sci-fi writers and video games

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Karen Lord: author of a very Barbadian book

Kamau Brathwaite calls Redemption in Indigo “beyond the boundary of what we conventionally/conveniently think of as ‘Bajan’, as...

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Culture, Arts, People

Nick Whittle: “There was the sea”

From age 11 to 18, I attended what was a unique school, Moseley School of Art, in Birmingham. It was what you call a feeder school for the...

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Culture, People, Barbados

Betty West: “When they look tired I say, ‘Look at me!’”

I used to be a modern jazz dancer in England, and then I went into modelling. I lived in England for twenty years. And then I came back to...

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Culture, Business, People, Belize, Cayman Islands, The Bahamas

Quiet heroes

Karen Mahy calls FirstCaribbean International Bank’s Unsung Heroes programme “dear to my heart” in one of her emails, and this...

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Culture, Music, People, Barbados

Alison Hinds: on her own, and on a roll

There are two things Alison Hinds wants people to know, now that she is no longer the lead singer of the band once called Square One. The...

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Literature, Reviews

New and recent books about the Caribbean (July/August 2002)

PICK OF THE MONTH The Last Days of St Pierre: The Volcanic Disaster that Claimed 30,000 Lives Ernest Zebrowski, Jr. (Rutgers University...

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