Author: Maura Imbert

History, Lifestyle, Antigua and Barbuda

Greencastle Hill, Antigua — A Tropical Stonehenge?

Once upon a time I was an ardent rock-climber with my eyes on the Matterhorn. So when I started married life in Antigua, one of the...

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Starwatch: Star Showers

Although two partial solar eclipses occur in July- on the 1st and 31st – they are not visible from the Caribbean region. Visitors...

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To many people, May spells potential doom because of the multi-planet alignments which occur this month and which are mistakenly believed...

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Culture, Environment, Lifestyle

By the Light of the Silvery Moon

To me, the full moon is at its ultimate, beautiful best when it rises over a Caribbean beach on a clear, star-filled night. Magnificent, a...

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Environment, Science

Celestial Manoeuvres

At the time of writing this article last July, the Earth had just had three relatively close shaves with asteroids. An asteroid named 2001...

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Culture, Environment, Science, Trinidad and Tobago

Roses Are Red, Roses Are Blue…

Love songs and Valentine cards celebrate what we know  — roses are red, violets blue. But, to some people, this suggests the question:...

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Culture, Technology, Science

Is there anybody out there?

When I found a copy of Carl Sagan’s Contact in a secondhand bookstore, and somebody gave me another Sagan book on extraterrestrial life...

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History, Science, Antigua and Barbuda

Arawak astronomers

The possibility that Greencastle Hill in Antigua may be a “tropical Stonehenge” dating back to the Caribbean’s indigenous,...

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