Author: Chris Salewicz

Music, Business, People, Jamaica

Jamaica’s Chris Blackwell

Blackwell’s island In 1958, Chris Blackwell, a 21-year-old white Jamaican, started a small record label in Kingston. Producing the...

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Community, Culture, People, Jamaica

Pastor Bobby Wilmott: Trench Town Triumph

Nine years ago Sir Nooshie became a gunman in Trench Town: he had just turned 14 years old. Thanks to the songs of Bob Marley, who grew up...

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Culture, Music, People, Jamaica

Bob Marley: the legend lives on

Twenty years after his death, reggae music has spread across and around the world. It is part of the very fabric of global culture. It was...

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Culture, Music, Arts, History, Jamaica

Reggae Xplosion

For an island of less than three million people, Jamaica has had a startling effect on global popular music. Since the world discovered Bob...

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Culture, Music, Jamaica

Redemption Songs

How can you be so ungrateful/After all that God has done for you . . . Unlikely lyrics for a contemporary Jamaican smash hit? Only a year...

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