Author: Mariel Brown

Literature, Arts

Caught in the slipstream

“If you’re riding a bike along a highway and you get close to a truck, its slipstream will pull you along effortlessly. But if you try...

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Culture, Literature, Arts


The endless rain comes every day at the same time, torrential rain that pours in sheets, accompanied by claps of thunder and flashes of...

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Culture, Arts, Trinidad and Tobago

The yardie boys do it well

Trinidad’s Alice Yard It’s Friday night in Port of Spain. No doubt, as on any Friday night in any city around the world, people are...

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Culture, People

Gordon Espinet: “I had spent my whole life drawing faces”

I was born in Trinidad in 1961. My math is very bad, so that would make me 26! I’m the last of 13 children — a nice small family. I...

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Culture, Music, Arts, Trinidad and Tobago

High Like The (Orange) Sky

I wasn’t expecting it. I never understood the screaming hysteria, swooning, and sobbing that seem conventional behaviour for thronging...

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Arts and Architecture, Arts

Art buzz (January/February 2004)

A calendar of their own An artist friend once told me the two things he needed most were space to paint and money with which to do so (it...

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Culture, Literature, Lifestyle, People, Haiti

Edwidge Danticat: finding her way home

I have never met Edwidge Danticat in person. Until I interviewed her a few months ago, any knowledge I had of her came from her fiction,...

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Culture, Fashion and Jewellery, People

The Jewels of Jasmine Thomas-Girvan

She is a collector of things. Her studio is littered with sundry buttons and beads, bits of rotting wood, mushrooms, feathers, flowers,...

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