Author: Pat Ganase

Culture, People, Sports, Trinidad and Tobago

20+ questions with Shaka Hislop

Trinidad-born SHAKA HISLOP is dubbed a “Gentleman At The Goalpost” for English football team West Ham United. His six-foot-four...

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Travel, Lifestyle, Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago: a tale of two cities

Trinidad Trinidad is transformed by its people. Dramatically. One person may come and be whisked from airport to hotel to conference room...

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Food and Cuisine

Total coconut | Caribbean Cookup (March/April 2002)

Total (Coco)Nut Hunters extract “sky grease” from coconuts, and use the rich oily milk to cook their meat. From the forest, coconut...

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Culture, Festivals and Events, Trinidad and Tobago

Carnival Countdown (Part 2)

Children’s Carnival Kids show them Most children love to play dress-up; in Trinidad and Tobago, however, they have an official forum for...

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Music, History, Trinidad and Tobago

Invaders coming!

The story of Invaders Steel Orchestra One of the oldest steelbands in the world is BWIA Invaders. From their location on Tragarete Road in...

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Culture, Environment, Lifestyle

June too soon! Tracking Caribbean hurricanes

With its blue skies, idyllic beaches, calm turquoise seas and verdant vegetation, you wouldn’t think the Caribbean could be anything but...

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Travel, Festivals and Events, History

Expo ’92: The Year of Seville

If you’ve always wanted to visit Spain, this is the perfect year. Madrid has been declared Europe’s cultural capital. Barcelona...

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Literature, Reviews, Haiti, Barbados, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago

Bookshelf (July/August 2000)

PICK OF THE MONTH The Immaculate Invasion Bob Shacochis (Viking Penguin 1999; Bloomsbury paperback 2000; 408pp, ISBN 0-7475-4529-4) When...

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