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Buxton Spice

TREE In the crook of the house was the big fat Buxton Spice Mango Tree. So close-up to the house it could see everything: through the...

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The Beat goes on: Caribbean Beat turns 25

Caribbean Beat marks its 25th anniversary In early 1992, passengers boarding BWIA planes across the Caribbean, South and North America, and...

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Oonya Kempadoo: the excitement of writing

Even in polo shirt and shorts, she looks more like a model than a writer. Tall and svelte, with a face that mirrors her mixed Caribbean...

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Oonya Kempadoo: “I keep writing even when I’m trying not to”

Growing up in Guyana, I did live in a village like the one my first novel Buxton Spice is set in, and the political background was a huge...

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Taste and see: an excerpt from Oonya Kempadoo’s All Decent Animals

The insignificant fruit catches blight on the tree. And all sugar apple trees are full of black biting ants. But the measly trees bear...

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Festive favourites: five Caribbean celebrities on their Christmas food favourites

David Rudder The Trinidadian singer is a former Calypso Monarch and the composer of classics that include “Calypso Music”, “Bahia...

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