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Carnival in Grenada

The Dimanche Gras calypso contest the previous evening had kept us out late, and we were sleeping soundly in the cool, pre-dawn darkness...

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Caribbean Christmas

Grotesque masks, jigging Jonkonnu dancers and acrobats, ghost stories, Spanish music and pepperpot these seem far away from carols,...

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Barbados Crop Over

Crop Over, Barbados’s biggest festival, begins in early July and climaxes with the Grand Kadooment costume-band road march on the first...

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Jammin’ in Jamaica

I had a rahtid good time, as Jamaicans would say. It may have been the free Red Stripe beer but even now, sober, I have only good (if...

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Caribbean Football: Who the Cup Fits

For a small country, a national sports team is a potent symbol, a repository of civic dreams and aspirations. If that team happens to be a...

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Culture, Festivals and Events, Lifestyle, United Kingdom

Notting Hill Carnival: Coming from the Cold

August Bank Holiday, the last Monday in August, marks the end of the summer holiday season, and for most of Britain is the time for the...

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Culture, Festivals and Events, Barbados

Harvest of Fun: Barbados Crop Over

A carefree colony of revellers prances down the road, sandwiched between the fiery midday sun and scorching tar. As the spangled mass...

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Taking on the America’s Cup

Out of a late-night drinking session in the island of St Thomas came a most challenging proposition. Shooting the breeze during the annual...

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