Author: Skye Hernandez

Culture, Music, Arts, Trinidad and Tobago

Artists of a new world

“The works are not afraid to admit, and admit to, the mental and physical space we have always inhabited. The artist is moving between...

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Travel, St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Snapshots of St Vincent

The breeze hit me as soon as I stepped out of the airport in St Vincent. It was the sort of breeze that said “mountains”. I...

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Culture, Travel, Lifestyle, Guyana

Jungle fever: discover Iwokrama

A gift to the world In Guyana, the natural world overwhelms. It is unimaginably vast, the rainforest in many places unbroken as far as the...

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Culture, Community, Environment, Trinidad and Tobago

Fondes Amandes, Trinidad: It takes a village

The month of March is when Trinidad’s dry season, at first so welcome, becomes fierce, turns the vegetation yellow, and parches the...

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Culture, Travel, Destinations, Grenada

Destination Focus: Grenada

ON THE ROAD If a rastafarian is identified by dreadlocks, what happens when he loses his hair? I wondered about this as a tall, balding man...

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Culture, Literature, History

On the Beat: Skye Hernandez on Beat’s 20th anniversary

Like many others, I consider Caribbean Beat the best in-flight magazine I’ve ever come across. It is an encyclopaedia of Caribbean life...

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Culture, Film and Television, History, Trinidad and Tobago

Battleground Tobago: Raising ghosts from a watery grave

Tiny, peaceful Tobago was once the scene of one of the bloodiest sea battles ever fought – one that saw 20 ships destroyed and sunk to...

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Culture, Community, Food and Cuisine, Trinidad and Tobago

Feast from the East

When I was growing up in Port of Spain during the Seventies, we knew nothing about Arabic food. It was not part of the national culinary...

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