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Chris Browne: third world filmmaker

With behind-the-camera work on Hollywood feature films that include Cool Runnings (1992) and A Perfect Getaway (2009), Christopher Browne...

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Beaton at his own game

Norman Beaton arrived home to be interviewed precisely at the appointed time in a stately white 1940s Bentley. His man of business, who was...

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Where have all the Caribbean movies gone?

The Caribbean is often seen as a string of exotic islands with palm-fringed beaches, populated by happy calypso-singing natives waiting to...

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Horace Ové: Coming Home

One moment Horace Ové was busy filming on a Caribbean beach, solving the sort of intellectual and technical problems that beset any...

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Hollywood in the Caribbean

Before the Second World War, Hollywood couldn’t afford real locations for pictures with exotic settings – if it had the budget, it...

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Cinema Paradiso

“Ram-bo! Ram-bo!” the fella in front chanted, punching the air with his fist every time Sylvester Stallone did something worth...

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Wanted: Caribbean Film Investors with Imagination

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the Jamaican film The Harder They Come. Starring reggae singer Jimmy Cliff, written by Trevor Rhone...

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Frances Anne Solomon: Beating the System

When she directed Peggy Su in 1996, Frances-Anne Solomon became one of the few Trinidadians to have directed or produced a feature film....

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