Author: Bruce Paddington

Music, Theatre and Dance, People, United Kingdom, Trinidad and Tobago

Dominique Le Gendre — Shakespeare and me

The English have been busy making a new recording other most famous playwright, William Shakespeare – all 38 of his plays....

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Film and Television, Culture, Arts, Trinidad and Tobago

Bim, Bim, Sink or Swim…

The poster summarised the theme: One man’s struggle to come to terms with the society that has alienated him. Released in 1974, Bim was...

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Culture, Arts, People, Trinidad and Tobago

Isaiah James Boodhoo: Artist & Gentleman

In the foreword to his last one-man show, in 2002, Isaiah Boodhoo made this statement about his work: “Painting, for me is a compulsive...

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Culture, Film and Television, People, Martinique

Euzhan Palcy: Making Waves

Euzhan Palcy, thirty-four, was the first black woman to direct a major Hollywood studio film: A Dry White Season, starring Donald...

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Film and Television, Culture, Arts

Where have all the Caribbean movies gone?

The Caribbean is often seen as a string of exotic islands with palm-fringed beaches, populated by happy calypso-singing natives waiting to...

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Arts and Architecture, Culture, People, Trinidad and Tobago

Isaiah James Boodhoo: Poet of the Plains

At sixty, Isaiah James Boodhoo is enjoying one of his most successful periods as an artist. At his last major exhibition, all the paintings...

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Culture, Literature, People, Guyana

Martin Carter: The Poems Man

Martin Carter never left Guyana. He is one of the few Caribbean artists to endure the decay of a beloved society without seeking exile. He...

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Film and Television, Culture, Arts, Trinidad and Tobago

Frances Anne Solomon: Beating the System

When she directed Peggy Su in 1996, Frances-Anne Solomon became one of the few Trinidadians to have directed or produced a feature film....

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