Issue 4 (Winter 1992)

Bruce Paddington on who’s who in the Caribbean film industry; Debbie Jacob on T&T’s Road March King and soca superstar, Super Blue; Marina Salandy-Brown on Guyana’s iconic actor, Norman Beaton (aka, “Desmond”); Geoffrey MacLean introduces Guyanese painter Aubrey Williams; Martha Watkins Gilkes explores the Caribbean’s best dive sites; Peter Rickwood looks at extinction in the region, and what’s being done to prevent it; the Last Word from Paul Keens-Douglas; and much more.

Illustrations by Christopher Cozier

Caribbean at the Crossroads

Where does the Caribbean stand in a world of rapid change? How should it relate to the new North American free trade area and the single European single market? Is there a danger of marginalisation? Peter B. Johnson — Executive Director of Caribbean/Latin American Action in Washington — asseses the dangers to the region of NAFTA and EFTA, and charts an urgent course for the future
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