Author: Marina Salandy-Brown

Culture, Music, Cuba

Music: a Cuban love affair

If you wanted to win a Grammy, sell two million albums and make one of the top ten highest -grossing documentary films ever, would you...

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Culture, Literature, Arts, People

Andrea Levy: “This was not a small story”

I am English, but all my writing has been trying to understand my Jamaican heritage, family, ancestry. Everything I get excited about is...

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Film and Television, Theatre and Dance, Arts, People, Guyana

Beaton at his own game

Norman Beaton arrived home to be interviewed precisely at the appointed time in a stately white 1940s Bentley. His man of business, who was...

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Culture, History

Quixote With a Cutlass: Re-examining Christopher Columbus

Blinking in the early morning sunlight, the High Admiral of the Ocean Sea splashes ashore and surveys the New World he has found. It is a...

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