Author: Tracy Assing

Immerse, Music, St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Skinny Fabulous: “You have to pay attention to your hook”

I grew up in Lodge Village. All my roots are from the Leeward coast of St Vincent, Chateaubelair. Most of my significant childhood memories...

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Immerse, Culture, Music, People, Trinidad and Tobago

DJ Christopher ‘Jillionaire’ Leacock: “You have to give them a good time every night”

My thing is, I’ve just always kinda been a lucky fella, you know. As a kid I didn’t have enough money to buy albums — I was buying...

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Culture, Music, People, Trinidad and Tobago

Christopher Castagne: “Young parranderos like us, we sing everything”

It’s really hard to explain, the feeling you get when you hear the boom boom boom of a box bass, or the sh-k-t sh-k-t of a marac wafting...

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Culture, History, Lifestyle, Trinidad and Tobago

The long walk home

On 31 July, 1498, Christopher Columbus and his men, sailing along the southern coast of the island of Iere, are said to have caught sight...

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