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Home of the brave | Last word

Gyul why yuh do dat, why yuh do dat, why yuh do dat, why yuh do dat She was wukkin’ up on me, wukkin’ up on me, pushing up on me She...

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High (flying) style

Christopher Nathan is both a cabin crew officer with BWIA and a veteran of Trinidad and Tobago’s fashion industry, with years of...

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Dominique Le Gendre: musical tales

Dominique Le Gendre is a busy woman. In August, the Trinidad-born composer — now an associate artist at London’s Royal Opera House —...

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Unlonely Londoners

For the old Waterloo is a place of arrival and departure, is a place where you see people crying goodbye and kissing welcome, and he hardly...

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Cool breeze, high seas

Sailing has been a means of transport forever, it seems, and this call of the sea has endured the passage of time, as man has sailed for...

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Tonight at the Diamond: David Rudder & Tony Hall’s Brand New Lucky Diamond Horseshoe Club

This is a tale ’bout the other side of The other side of town The kinda place where decent people look left, sneer Then spit on the...

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Movers & Shakers (March/April 2005)

Melodies for Zion Michael “Jah Melody” Williams started singing in the church choir, and now sings his praises backed by reggae...

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Keep on rocking

Radio in Trinidad and Tobago has traditionally had a love-hate relationship with all forms of indigenous music. The further away a...

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