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Word of mouth (January/February 2017)

House of Tosh Three decades after the violent death of Peter Tosh, a new Kingston museum remembers the legacy of the reggae superstar....

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The rebel: Peter Tosh

I was listening to some early Wailers the other day — material they recorded back in the sixties, long before the group signed with...

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Caribbean Bookshelf (July/August 2013)

The Comfort of All Things, by Ian McDonald (Moray House Trust, 83 pp, ISBN 9789768212832) Ian McDonald’s most recent collection...

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Take ten (part 1): the greatest reggae singers of all time

I love lists — stuff like the ten best this, or the twenty worst that — largely because they’re virtually guaranteed to ignite...

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The magnificent Peter Tosh

As just about any aspiring author will testify, one of the trickiest things in the book world is finding a publisher. And it tends to be...

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Reviews (March/April 2010)

BOOK REVIEWS   Half the story’s never been told David Katz A mixed-race child born into poverty in colonial Jamaica, Bob Marley...

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The World of Rastafari

Imagine you’ve booked a holiday. You’re off to the Caribbean; maybe visiting friends on another island. But when you arrive you...

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