Author: Jane Bryce

Literature, Reviews

Caribbean Bookshelf (November/December 2006)

Unburnable: A Novel Marie-Elena John (Amistad, ISBN 0-06-083757-8, 292 pp) Unburnable is the first novel by young Antiguan writer...

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Culture, History

Unterrified consciousness

It Falls into Place, by Phyllis Shand Allfrey, ed. Lizabeth Paravisini-Gebert (Papillote Press, ISBN 0-9532224-1-1, 138 pp) It was perhaps...

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Culture, Literature, News & Online Exclusives

Transmuting the ordinary to other

CRB ARCHIVE Issue No. 0 – May 2004 Jane Bryce on From Silence to Silence, by Ian McDonald Between Silence and Silence by Ian McDonald...

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Culture, Theatre and Dance, Festivals and Events, Barbados

Yarico: Staging slavery in 1999

Barbados: just beyond your imagination. The tourism slogan works by subtle provocation. We think we already know about the place —...

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Culture, Literature, Arts, People, Jamaica

Peter Abrahams: The View From Coyaba

In the hills above Kingston, Jamaica’s sprawling, noisy capital, live an extraordinary couple. Daphne, born in Java, is the daughter...

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