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Heading for the nylon pool. Photograph by Skene Howie and Jule Guaglardi

40 things to do in Trinidad & Tobago

Racing goats in Easter, starting off the day with hot doubles, visiting a temple in the sea, exploring mud volcanoes & much much more!.

Illustration by James Hackett

Bishop’s girls don’t cry

At the end of a love affair, Attillah Springer wonders whether Bishop’s girls can really have tabanca. Blame it on her alma mater . . ..

Junkanoo costumes are traditionally made from strips of crêpe paper and cardboard, nowadays ornamented with rhinestones, glitter, and feathers. Photograph courtesy the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism

Junkanoo rush

In the early twentieth century, Bahamas Junkanoo — or John Canoe — was considered a danger to polite society.

Richi Spice. Photograph by William Richards, courtesy Fifth Element Records

Higher heights: Richie Spice

Richie Spice finally joins the top tier of reggae artists after a decade of hard work, thanks to the success of his hit song “Brown Skin”.

Louise Bennett-Coverly, poet, entertainer, and Jamaican national icon. Photograph by the National Library of Jamaica

Remembering Miss Lou

Louise Bennett-Coverley, affectionately known as Miss Lou, was one of the most influential figures in Jamaican culture.

Marie-Elena John. Photograph courtesy Amstad

Caribbean Bookshelf (November/December 2006)

Marie-Elena John’s debut novel Unburnable, and the glamorous photographs of adopted Tobagonian Norman Parkinson.

Rebuscar performing in Lopinot. Photograph by Caldeo Sookram

Viva Parang

In Trinidad, the sound of Christmas is parang, a living reminder of the island’s Hispanic heritage.

Kei Miller. Photograph courtesy Kei Millar

Kei Miller: daring to intrude

Kei Miller brings Jamaica’s religion, superstition, and magic alive in his stories and poems.

Illustration by Jason Jarvis

Not just cricket

In 2007, the West Indies will host the ICC Cricket World Cup and the islands’ economies will be boosted.

Rhythm roundup (November/December 2006)

Rhythm roundup (November/December 2006)

New albums celebrate the best in Jamaican roots reggae and a Kittitian jazz performer puts his spin on an old artform.