Issue 95
(January/February 2009)

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Midtown Manhattan--West 42nd Street, near Times Square. Photograph by David Corio

Happenings (January/February 2009)

A round-up of current events on the Caribbean calendar

Cap Cana--Juanillo Beach. Photograph courtesy Cap Cana, Dominican Republic

Tourism drive in the Dominican Republic

David Pye offers a sneak preview of the new luxury resorts of the Dominican Republic

An ancient skull rests deep in a cave at Aktun Tunichil Muknal. Photograph by Bob Berwyn

The coral gardens of Belize’s Cockroach Caye

Ecology, history, diving and Belikin beer: Bob Berwyn enjoys an all-inclusive vacation in Belize

Incoming medical students don their white coats, a symbol of their chosen profession. Photograph by Joshua Yetman and courtesy SGU

School in the sun: Grenada’s St George’s University

St George’s University, in the tropical setting of Grenada, was once considered merely an offshore American institution. Not any more!

Karen King-Aribisala: hanging in the balance

Guyanese writer Karen King-Aribisala discovered there’s a fine line between fiction and reality when she wrote an award-winning novel

Margaret (Believe) Glynatsis, left, and Chrystal (Skyy) Moncur. Photograph courtesy NCity/Scharad Lightbourne

Ncity goes to town

This Bahamian hip hop duo is ahead of its time. So they’re packing their bags to go in search of fame and fortune...

Artist Ingrid Persaud at the opening of her solo show. Photograph by Joanne Spencer

Snapshots (January/February 2009)

A brief look at Caribbean people doing extraordinary things

Winford Devine. Photograph by David Wears

Winsford Devine: ‘I can’t stop writing’

Winsford Devine has written over 500 calypsoes, many of them classics. He hasn’t always been given his dues, but that won’t stop the music...

Brian MacFarlene works on costumes at his Woodbrook, Port of Spain mas camp for his band Earth: Cries of Despair, Wings of Hope. Photograph by Mark Lyndersay

Behind the Trinidad Carnival curtain

For most people, Trinidad Carnival only lasts two days. But for the men and women who build or sew the thousands of costumes, the season starts early

Facing the world again from the doorway of Serenity Place. Photograph by Mariamma Kambon

The struggle for serenity

70 In south Trinidad, a group of women is working towards building the only all-female drug rehabilitation centre in the region.

MSQUARED line by Meiling. Photograph by Wyatt Gallery

Meiling and Msquared

What do you get when you add master designer Meiling to affordable chain-store fashion?

Sitara Baal performs at the launch of T and T Ent in July 2007. Photograph courtesy T &T Ent

Flying the flag: T&T Ent

T&T Ent funds performers to help them put the country on the map

Jonathan Francois, operations director. Photograph courtesy Caribbean Tutors

Learning online with a computer tutor

Students around the region and beyond can now link to the web-based classes form Trinidad. James Fuller logged on

Bob Marley and the Wailers. Photograph by Hope Road Music/Adrian Boot

Book reviews (January/February 2009)

Reviews of some new Caribbean Books

'Right Here Right Now', the latest production by guitarist Theron Shaw

CD reviews (January/February 2009)

Reviews of some new Caribbean CDs

Andrew Sanoir, also known as Kootoo, King Devil. Photograph by Alex De Verteuil

DVD reviews (January/February 2009)

Reviews of some new Caribbean DVDs

King Konris performing One Song at the 2007/8 National Calypso Monarch competition in St Kitts-Nevis. Photograph courtesy King Konris/G Squared Arts

Konris Maynard: King of St Kitts

Garry Steckles risks the wrath of connoisseurs by anointing Konris Maynard of tiny St Kitts-Nevis the calypso monarch of the Caribbean

President of Cuba Fulgencio Batista giving a speech. Photograph by Stan Wayman/Time Life Pictures/Getty Images

New year, new era

As Cubans mark 50 years of Fidel, James Ferguson looks back at the day when Castro and Che Guevara first came to town

Ground provisions, such as the dasheens and sweet potatoes seen above, are not just poor peoples food. Photograph by Andrea De Silva

Ground provisions: food of champions

Franka Philip hits pay dirt with ground provisions

West Indies batsman Daren Ganga drives for runs during a knock of a century against Australia at the Queens Park Oval, Trinidad. Photograph by Iossjr

Daren Ganga gets going

West Indies batsman Daren Ganga has also been hailed as Trinidad and Tobago’s most successful cricket captain...

Issue 95