Contributor: Montague Kobbe

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St Martin: an island like a new world

Issue 137 (January/February 2016) | 0 comments
One small island, part Dutch, part French, where everyone speaks English, spends US dollars, and dances to salsa and bachata — that’s the puzzle of St Martin, where many worlds meet and mingle. Montague Kobbé explains its unique charms

An RAF cargo plane being unloaded during the temporary occupation of the island. Photograph by Lynn Pelham/Time Life Pictures/Getty Images

Anguilla: the Smallest Revolution

Issue 100 (November/December 2009) | 5 comments
It was the era of independence – but Anguilla wanted to remain a British colony. Montague Kobbe looks back at an odd victory for people power

Photograph by Fabi Fliervoet

Tintamarre: Unlikely Island

Issue 117 (September/October 2012) | 0 comments
Tiny Tintamarre is the haunt of beach-loving daytrippers. But, there's more to the little island off the coast of St Martin