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Nicholas Paul: the red, white & black Flash | Snapshot

Sheldon Waithe profiles cycling sensation (and world record holder) Nicholas Paul as he mounts an international comeback from devastating injuries

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Pride of the Caribbean

Sheldon Waithe on how Caribbean athletes’ success at the Olympics fuels regional pride

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Olympic dreams | Snapshot

The Caribbean’s established athletes will bear the task of bringing joy to the region — and the next generation have also been waiting for a year to make their own statement. Sheldon Waithe profiles four talented, eager, first-time Olympians seeking to be “Faster, Higher, Stronger” on the biggest stage of all

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The Games are afoot | Did you even know

Are you the Caribbean’s biggest sports fan? How well do you know the history of our region at the Olympics? Let our trivia column put you to the test

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Levern Spencer: higher and higher | Snapshot

For years, the title of St Lucia’s most medalled athlete has been held by high jumper Levern Spencer, who first made her mark at the age of fourteen, over two decades ago. Her career is a textbook example of the value of persistence, writes Sheldon Waithe — and her biggest goal, an Olympic medal, still lies ahead

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Read the July/August 2020 digital issue!

Read or download the first ever digital-only issue of Caribbean Beat magazine! All new for July/August 2020

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Anderson Peters: as far as it goes | Snapshot

When Grenadian Anderson Peters won javelin gold at the 2019 World Championships, it took observers by surprise. This was no overnight success, says Sheldon Waithe — but the product of steady hard work and staunch confidence. Now the young athlete is preparing for his biggest challenge yet at the 2020 Summer Olympics

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Machel Cedenio: Racing for the hit | Snapshot

When T&T’s men’s 4×400-metre team won gold at the 2019 World Relays last May, it was thanks to a “finish for the ages” by Machel Cedenio. As Sheldon Waithe reports, the young athlete grounds himself with family support and mental preparation long before he even takes to the track

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