Author: Caroline Popovic

Culture, Travel, Lifestyle, St. Lucia

Discover St Lucia

St Lucia’s trademark is the towering majesty of the twin Pitons, which soar out of the sea on the west coast near the town of...

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Culture, People, French Caribbean

Aimé Césaire: Reaching For Freedom

Aimé Césaire, the mayor of Fort-de-France in Martinique, is 81 years old. And he still shows up for work every day. His office, on the...

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Culture, Arts, People, St. Lucia

Hail Mary: the Art of Dunstan St. Omer

Dunstan St Omer loves women. Remarkably for a West Indian male, his interest is entirely chaste. His favourite is the Virgin Mary. As an...

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Arts and Architecture, Culture, People, St. Lucia, Trinidad and Tobago

Winston Branch: The Precarious Life of Art

“You’re standing on my paaaaaaintings,” wailed Winston Branch indignantly. I looked down. What I had perceived to be a...

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Culture, People, St. Lucia

The Arthur Lewis Model

Remembering Sir Arthur Lewis In 1979, Sir Arthur Lewis of St Lucia won the Nobel Prize for Economics, sharing it with the American...

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Culture, Arts, People, Haiti

Jean-Jacques Fougère-Audubon: The Bird Man

Think of birds, and you think of Audubon. But who was he? Caroline Popovic finds out The founders of the Audubon Society named their august...

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