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Issue 109

Issue 109


Illustration by Darren Cheewah

Road Rage – Bajan Style

BC Pires on life in the slow lane.

Ah’len: Welcome arabic recipes

Ah’len: Welcome arabic recipes

T&T’s Syrian-Lebanese community is known for its delicious food. Sharon Millar read these Arabic recipes with relish.

Phulourie. Photograph by Shirley Bahadur

Phulourie, prasad and scotch bonnet pepper

Franka Philip celebrates the special flavours of Indian food cooked in the Caribbean.

Illustration by James Hackett

Rafael Trujillo: boss of a banana republic

The rule of Rafael Trujillo was a dark time for the Dominican Republic. James Ferguson remembers the man who called himself “The Benefactor”.

Dennis Brown, the Crown Prince of Reggae, passed away in 1999. Photograph by David Corio

Jamming with Bob in reggae Heaven

Garry Steckles pays homage to some fallen musical heroes.

CD Reviews – May/June 2011

CD Reviews – May/June 2011

The new music that are reflecting the region right now.

Book Reviews – May/June 2011

Book Reviews – May/June 2011

The new books that are reflecting the region right now.

Earthquake damage to the orphanage. Photograph by Erik Feely

Helping Haiti hold on to its honour

A group from T&T is helping to rebuild an orphanage there. Cedriann J Martin on what’s rising out of the rubble after last year’s terrible earthquake.

Caryl Philips. Photograph by Laurent Denimal

Caryl Phillips: “the arts are the window through which we see ourselves”

The reflections of British-Caribbean writer Caryl Phillips, as told to Lisa Allen-Agostini.