Author: Sharon Millar

Engage, Culture, Environment, Trinidad and Tobago

Grow wild

The bee is completely absorbed. There are several of his compatriots circling, but he is the lucky suitor. I am fortunate to witness this...

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Culture, Travel, Lifestyle, Cuba

Cuba — the enigma of an island

The Egyptian mummy lies silent and elegant under the glass case. Standing there in the cool de-humidified air, I’m aware of experiencing...

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Embark, Culture, Food and Cuisine

Fowl play

There is no moon in the sky. Perfect conditions for candling. Come, I say to my long-suffering husband, you are taller than me. It’s...

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Arrive, Culture, Leisure, Travel, Lifestyle, Trinidad and Tobago

Among the Dragon’s Mouths: Down the Islands, Trinidad

If you drive west out of Port of Spain and head to the tip of north-west Trinidad, soon you will run parallel to the sea. This drive will...

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Culture, Arts, People, United Kingdom, Trinidad and Tobago

Sarah Beckett: mixed media

There are two reasons you end up in another country: work or love. So it was love – I married a Trinidadian. I came here in the late 60s...

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Culture, History, St. Kitts and Nevis

The little house of history: St Kitts’ International House Museum & Edgar Challenger Library

A lot of the region’s history can be found on the island of St Kitts. And much of it can be found in a small house on Central Street,...

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Arts and Architecture, Culture, People, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago

Roberta Stoddart: painting from life

On the morning that we meet in her airy studio, Jamaican artist Roberta Stoddart is at home in her space, surrounded by her beloved dogs. I...

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Culture, People

Snapshots (March/April 2008)

Shontelle Layne: focus pon me That’s the title of one of the tracks Shontelle Layne wrote for her debut album. But really, as she says to...

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