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Hippolyte performs at the Emancipation Day celebrations in Laborie, St Lucia, 2004. Photograph courtesy Kendel Hippolyte/Augustin Barthelmy

Kendel Hippolyte: a light for St Lucia

Writer Kendel Hippolyte and Jane King want to bring down the curtain on the search for a home for their pioneering theatre company.

Anse la Raye, taken from Saint Lucia: Portrait of an Island © Jenny Palmer. Photograph courtesy Macmillan Caribbean

Reviews (July/August 2009)

The new music and books that are reflecting the region right now.

Castro Perez cleans one of Aruba`s reefs. Photograph courtesy Aruba Reef Care Project/Castro Perez

Happenings (July/August 2009)

A round-up of current events on the Caribbean calendar.

Lee `Scratch` Perry at the Black Ark Studios, 1978. Photograph by Boot

Word sound and power

Of course popular musicians are entitled to free speech. But what if they’re promoting violence and hate? Garry Steckles speaks out on the issue.

Dancing the cocoa -- the traditional method of polishing the cocoa beans to a high sheen. Photograph courtesy the Belmont Estate

Grenada’s brown gold: organic cocoa

It’s known as the Spice Isle for its nutmeg, but Grenada has other, darker pleasures to offer... high quality organic cocoa..

Illustration by Nikolai Noel

Redonda: kingdom of the birds

King Juan II is the monarch of all he surveys…even if his realm is only a small rock that he inherited from a friend.

Karl Bryan, Lester Sterling, Kevin Batchelor and Vin Gordon, the horn section at Belly Up. Photograph courtesy Judith Anderson

Around the world with the Skatalites

They may have slowed down a little, but this seminal band is still playing its zany, high-energy music. David Katz was drawn into their orbit.

Sous chefs Barrington Douglas (left) and Hasan DeFour (right) with Rhodes. Photograph courtesy UKTV and Rhodes Across The Caribbean

The Rhodes more travelled: Gary Rhodes

British chef Gary Rhodes owns a restaurant in the region, yet he’s only now discovering its food.

Marguerite Gordon. Photograph courtesy Marguerite Gordon/Garth Murrell

Marguerite Gordon: lady of the manners

Her name is synonymous with elegance and etiquette, and now Marguerite Gordon has published a book on the topic.

Illustration by Darren Cheewah

Lost in translation

Overseas visitors often assume there’s only one West Indian dialect. But native daughter Desiree McEachrane knows better…fi true!.