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From breathtaking landscapes to sensual music, few places in the world are better suited than the Caribbean to set the stage for your very own love story. From first dates to golden anniversaries, there’s a place in Antigua & Barbuda, Barbados, St Lucia, and Trinidad & Tobago for every chapter …

  • Photo courtesy Visit Barbados
  • The Animal Flower Cave on Barbados’ north coast. Photo courtesy Visit Barbados
  • Shirley Heights, Antigua. Photo by Watkins Multimedia, courtesy Antigua & Barbuda Tourism Authority
  • Hunte’s Garden, Barbados in full bloom. Photo by Snapvision/
  • View from the cannon at Fort King George, Tobago. Photo courtesy Tobago Beyond
  • A unique wedding at Antigua Rainforest Canopy Zipline Tours. Photo by Watkins Multimedia, courtesy Antigua & Barbuda Tourism Authority
  • Adventures on horseback at Buccoo Beach, Tobago. Photo courtesy Tobago Beyond
  • A young couple enjoys a ride along Barbados’ east cost. Photo courtesy Visit Barbados
  • A catamaran in Five Islands Harbour, Antigua. Photo by Visual Echo, courtesy Antigua & Barbuda Tourism Authority
  • Photo by Sinesp/
  • Photo courtesy Tobago Beyond

Meeting for coffee, dressing up for dinner and a show or movie — all classic standbys for first dates, proposals, anniversaries, and even vacationing honeymooners (when not luxuriating in their bridal suites).

The Caribbean’s top-class restaurants and rich cultural and entertainment scenes will leave you stumped for choice. (Make sure to check out our coverage of food festivals and events in Barbados, Trinidad and beyond on page 16).

But perhaps you’re thinking of something a bit less conventional — yet equally special. Maybe something outdoors … unforgettable memories you can make by experiencing it together …

The view from here

Nothing can make you appreciate where you are and fill you with possibilities like a awe-inspiring view. And goodness, has the Caribbean region got that in spades.

One of the most memorable ocean views in Barbados is from the Animal Flower Cave up north — the island’s only sea cave. Here, sea-level openings in the cliff face bring you close to the powerful breakers a few feet away. And conveniently, there’s a restaurant just nearby.

Historical sites (including forts and military lookouts) are purpose-built to offer tremendous views, which never fail to take your breath away. Think Farley Hill in Barbados, Fort King George in Tobago, the similarly named Fort George in neighbouring Trinidad, and Shirley Heights in Antigua.   

But that view on land is nothing quite like the view from the air. If you’re feeling to spring for something unforgettable, consider a helicopter tour in Antigua (which can even take you to Montserrat) or St Lucia.

Closer to the ground, the islands’ gardens are often a wonderful opportunity to take a romantic stroll. There are two extraordinary ones in Barbados — Hunte’s Garden, where classical music plays through the paths; and the Andromeda Gardens, with a collection of over 600 tropical plants.

Trinidad’s Botanical Gardens — established in 1820 and a favourite for picnics and walks — are home to one of the oldest collections of exotic plants and trees in the western hemisphere. You’ll also find lush botanical gardens in Tobago and Antigua.

For a more dramatic experience, you can “take the waters” at St Lucia’s Diamond Gardens. The warm mineral springs here are set among the abundant foliage and blooms of the island’s oldest botanical garden. Nearby Diamond Falls cascades nearly 60 feet down a rock face stained green, ochre, and pink by the minerals in the water.

Speaking of sulphur springs — the pools of mud here are the main attractions at St Lucia’s “drive-in volcano”. They’re among the remnants of a huge, long-collapsed volcanic crater. But today, the mud — full of minerals — reportedly rejuvenates the skin and alleviates various ailments.

Zip to it

If all that is too low-key for you, perhaps you’d like to get the adrenalin pumping? Well, then, ziplines might just hit the spot. Antigua’s southwest offers thrilling rainforest canopy tours, where courses reach up to 300 feet long and 300 feet above the ground! Over in St Lucia, you can enjoy a course with 12 lines some 150 feet high; while in Trinidad, a zipline near Macqueripe Bay offers lines up to 1,000 feet long and 175 feet high.

Saddle up

One experience both locals and visitors to the islands love is experiencing the beaches and trails by horseback.

You can enjoy sunset riding tours along the beach at Rendezvous Bay, Antigua, which depart near Falmouth; unforgettable rides both on the beach and in the water at Buccoo Bay, Tobago; and popular tours at Honeymoon Beach in St Lucia.

Barbados’ well-developed riding trails — inland and along the coasts — offer wonderful views, and chances to see the island from a completely different vantage point than you would on other tours. At Pebbles Beach, you can even actually swim with horses at sunrise!

Magic on the water …

Speaking of the water: there’s nothing quite like a sailing into the sunset on the Caribbean Sea. Private catamaran cruises and boat charters are an unforgettable way to escape the world, to connect, and reconnect. On many of the Caribbean islands, you can enjoy both day cruises and romantic sunset cruises — particularly along the gentler leeward coasts. If you’re lucky, you can spot dolphins and even whales.

Many day cruises will anchor along coves and beaches that may only be accessible by sea, ensuring that the experience is intimate and magical. In Barbados, top Caribbean chefs are even known to whip up delicious meals on these stops. And in Tobago, one special spot is the aptly named Lovers’ Bay.

… and in it!

Maybe you want to share in the beauty and enchantment of the underwater worlds offshore. In Barbados, you could explore the wonders of Carlisle Bay (including multiple shipwrecks) via clear-bottom kayaks. Or in Tobago, you could marvel at the beautiful Angel Reef, off the island’s northeast coast, via a glass-bottom boat.

Popular (though consequently less intimate) glass-bottom boat tours in Tobago’s southwest take you to Buccoo Reef and the unique Nylon Pool where, local lore holds, young couples are destined for long-lasting love once they kiss in the pool’s waters.

Have you ever gone snorkelling by sea scooter? That’s one way you can explore the waters near Antigua’s Pillars of Hercules, a rock formation close to Galleon Beach. Here, turtles, rays, and a maddeningly beautiful array of tropical fish dart between corals and emerge from shipwrecks!

If you’re both divers, or want to share the journey of learning to enjoy this incredible experience together, reach out to PADI-registered dive operators who can arrange to help you take the plunge …!


Barbados: escape to the love isle! If there’s one thing that should be on every couple’s bucket list, it’s a romantic getaway. But not just any typical getaway — one in the beautiful island of Barbados. It’s an island paradise filled with unforgettable experiences where you can make the most loving memories with your partner. From an intimate picnic in Hunte’s Garden to an island drive along the scenic east coast, there is something for every type of couple to enjoy.

The islands of Antigua and Barbuda are the perfect setting for a romantic escape, honeymoon, destination wedding, anniversary, or vow renewal. Being voted the Most Romantic Destination in the Caribbean by the World Travel Awards multiple times only cements the islands’ love language with couples all over the world. The natural beauty, breathtaking views, pink and white sand beaches, and a plethora of romantic spots make Antigua and Barbuda a top choice for couples. Whether you’re looking for an ultra-exclusive, luxury experience or an all-inclusive romantic getaway, Antigua and Barbuda offers boutique accommodations that make for the perfect love nest while you enjoy each other or rekindle your love.

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