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Alain Bombard: the voluntary castaway | On this day

Seventy years ago, Alain Bombard journeyed from the Canaries to the Caribbean in a 15-foot dinghy to prove that man could survive on water, fish, and plankton alone. James Ferguson tells the tale

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Island Beat (Winter 1994)

GRENADA’S FESTIVE SAILING The second edition of Grenada’s annual Sailing Festival takes place in early February 1995, and...

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Not just a shoppers’ paradise

Discover Sint Maarten and Saint Martin Where else in the world can you get two countries and cultures for the price of one? Where you can...

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Sea and be seen

The 2007 Angostura Tobago Sail Week, with the theme of “The Spirit of Racing“, promises to be full of surprises as it celebrates its...

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Cool breeze, high seas

Sailing has been a means of transport forever, it seems, and this call of the sea has endured the passage of time, as man has sailed for...

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Move your boats! First-timer coming through! I was introduced to sailing while on holiday in Tobago. You’d think, being West Indian and...

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Joshua Slocum’s Journey

Almost one hundred years ago, Captain Joshua Slocum, in his beloved little ship Spray, sailed through the West Indies at the end of an epic...

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